Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Meagre protest at the Bucharest Film Festival Screening of 'Mine Your own Business'

Alburnus Maior protested the Romanian premiere of Mine Your Own Business in Bucharest. However as usual with their protests it is obvious they do not have the popular support they constantly claim to have. Only three protesters stood together with their banner. When we questioned them they repeatedly attacked George Lucian for wearing a new suit. George was not wearing a new suit he had borrowed a jacket from a friend in Rosia Montana. George is an unemployed miner who lost his job when environmentalists took legal action to stop the drilling at the proposed mine at Rosia Montana
They objected to producer/director Ann McElhinney wearing a gold necklace.

They said the people of Rosia Montana could get by through agriculture and tourism, when George and his sister Ella said this was not true the protesters asked who bought George's new suit.

The hundreds of people who came to see the film engaged in an excellent Q&A with filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney after the screening which ran over time and eventually had to move to the bar because the cinema was needed for another film in the festival.